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Our success starts and ends with our customers. Each month, Eos feature new stories and customer spotlights to highlight how professionals around the world are taking advantage of submeter and centimeter locations in their mobile mapping workflows. Browse case studies, videos, customer spotlights and more to gain ideas on how external GNSS receivers can help transform work at your organization.

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By modernizing its GNSS technology, Sheboygan Falls Utilities overcame challenges posed by decades-old as-built data.
B. J. Malone implemented high-accuracy GNSS workflows to locate above and below-ground water assets precisely and efficiently.
Warren Water mapped wastewater assets with centimeter-level accuracy to help engineers with hydraulic modeling.
New Jersey American Water shares how they updated GNSS technology to save money, reduce time spent, and increase accuracy.
Belgian rail company Infrabel improved worker safety by using high-accuracy GIS to track train and worker movements.
Industry experts and a real-life use case teach best practices for mapping water assets with high-accuracy GPS / GNSS.
Minnesota-based Ellingson Companies provides gas utilities with real-time as-builts that are captured with centimeter-level accuracy.
Damon Nelton overcame many challenges to develop a real-time, GPS as-builting workflow for gas-utility construction projects.
Learn how Ellie Chao uses Eos Arrow Gold® GNSS receivers with ArcGIS Field Maps to increase trust in the accuracy of data for her utility clients.
Sarah Beaulieu combines GPR and GNSS to locate grave locations at Indigenous Residential Schools across Canada.
Learn how to achieve high-accuracy as-built mapping for your gas utility in this April 2022 webinar from Esri and Eos Positioning Systems.
New Jersey American Water is saving $2.6M per year in OpEx by knowing a million asset locations with survey-grade accuracy.