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Eos Positioning Systems® offers a variety of hardware, software and solutions pertaining to high-accuracy GNSS positioning. This page provides a complete list of the current products Eos offers, including these:

  • Other GNSS Hardware and Solutions
    • Eos Bridge™: Bluetooth® connector 
    • Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS®: Solutions for underground utility mapping
    • Eos Laser Mapping™ for ArcGIS: Solution for capturing assets from afar with high accuracy
  • Eos Software, Tools and Utilities
    • Eos Tools Pro: Free GNSS monitoring app for Arrow GNSS receivers, which also houses Eos Locate™ and Eos Laser Mapping™ solutions
    • Eos Utility: Configuration and monitoring utility for Arrow GNSS receivers which offers Windows users additional features than Eos Tools Pro
    • Arrow USB Drivers: Utility for having your Windows device recognize Arrow GNSS Receivers

Arrow Series® GNSS Receivers

Arrow Series® receivers provide survey-grade or submeter positioning via Bluetooth® to any iOS®, Android or Windows device running a data-collection app. Choose from the Arrow Gold®, Arrow 200®, Arrow 100®, and Arrow Lite® GNSS and GPS receivers. Each receiver offers its own unique compatibility with various differential corrections systems, support for frequencies and channels, and enhanced features. The most popular Arrow Series® GNSS receivers are the Arrow Gold® and Arrow 100®. In addition, we invite you to explore our newer Arrow Gold+™ and Arrow 100+™ (plus models) GNSS receivers.

Arrow Gold RTK GNSS receiver by Eos Positioning Systems 2021

Arrow Gold® RTK GNSS Receiver

Affordable Survey-Grade GNSS Receiver offering RTK Precision: The Arrow Gold® is the first high-accuracy Bluetooth® GNSS receiver on the market to implement all four global GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou), triple frequency, and satellite-based RTK augmentation on any iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Moreover, the new Arrow Gold+™ adds full-band support for all GNSS signals including Galileo’s new, free High-Accuracy Service (HAS). Both the Arrow Gold® and Arrow Gold+™ receivers work with all apps that run on iOS, Android, and Windows.
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Eos Arrow 200 GNSS Receiver Main GPS GIS BeiDou GLONASS

Arrow 200® RTK GNSS Receiver

Centimeter-Level Accurate GNSS Receiver with RTK Capability: The Arrow 200® GNSS receiver is a robust, reliable, and repeatable RTK receiver. With support for all global GNSS constellations (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and BeiDou) and SBAS and RTK differential correction sources, this is one of our most accurate and productive receivers on the market. The Arrow 200® balances performance and reliability with flexibility and affordability, making this one of the best-value GNSS receivers in the world.
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Arrow 100 RTK GNSS receiver by Eos Positioning Systems 2021 1500×844 Submeter GNSS receiver by Eos Positioning Systems GLONASS Galileo GPS BeiDou

Arrow 100® Submeter GNSS Receiver

Real-time Submeter GNSS Receiver Worldwide: The Arrow 100® is a submeter, multi-constellation GNSS receiver designed to be used with any iOS, Android, or Windows device. When GPS satellites are just not enough, the Arrow 100® connects to GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou signals — creating access to at least 100 satellites! This uniquely designed GNSS receiver squeezes more accuracy from free SBAS corrections than any other receiver in the world. With its use of patented technology, the Arrow 100® delivers superior accuracy and performance under trees, around buildings, and in rugged terrain. Accurate positioning occurs in real time, with no post-processing required. The Arrow 100® was designed specifically with GIS users in mind.
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Arrow Lite GPS Receiver hero image GPS GIS GLONASS Galileo BeiDou

Arrow Lite® GPS Receiver

Our Most Affordable Submeter GPS Receiver: The Arrow Lite® submeter GPS receiver was designed for GIS and mapping communities that need a balance of accuracy and affordability. The Arrow Lite® squeezes more accuracy from the GPS constellation and free SBAS corrections than any other receiver on the market. Thanks to its use of patented technology, the Arrow Lite® performs well under trees, around buildings, and in rugged terrain. Like all Eos GNSS receivers, the Arrow Lite® provides real-time accuracy without the need for post-processing, and it is compatible with all consumer mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows).
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Other GNSS Hardware and Solutions

Eos offers a variety of solutions which allow field crews to perform advanced data-collection workflows with Arrow Series® GNSS receivers. Each Eos solution is the result of strategic partnerships with leading software and hardware providers, such as Esri and Laser Tech (LTI). While Eos solutions are offered for free, you must have the required hardware and software, including partner products, to take advantage of each solution. The following hardware and solutions explain the current available Eos solutions and related hardware:

Eos Bridge Bluetooth connector for iOS 1500x844, laser rangefinders, GNSS GPS hardware, underground utility mapping

Eos Bridge™

The Eos Bridge™ is a Bluetooth® connector. This device connects the powerful combination of Eos GNSS receiver accuracy and mobile mapping apps with the extreme specificity of measurements from third-party instruments and sensors (e.g., laser rangefinders, utility locators).
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Eos Laser Mapping: Laser offsets and sideshots for Esri ArcGIS with Laser Tech LTI laser rangefinders and Eos Arrow GNSS receivers GPS mapping, total station like workflow

Eos Laser Mapping™ for ArcGIS

Eos is excited to bring you the world’s first laser mapping solution for Esri’s ArcGIS apps. The Eos Laser Mapping™ solution is for field crews that need to map hard-to-occupy assets with 3D, survey-grade accuracy — without having to physically stand on top of every single point. This is great when the assets you need to collect are located in environments that are either GNSS-impaired (with poor line-of-sight to positioning satellites), or in areas that are difficult and dangerous to reach. Eos Laser Mapping™ is currently available for iPad and iPhone as a free solution, in conjunction with our partnerships between Esri and Laser Technology (LTI).
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Eos Locate for ArcGIS Esri Collector Field Maps Eos Tools Pro underground utility mapping GIS GNSS

Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS®

Bring your buried assets to life! Accurately mapping buried legacy pipe has traditionally required dig spot holes, physically exposing the buried pipe, and then capturing its location. This is time consuming, expensive, and inconvenient for everyone who lives and works in the area. Are you ready to bring your buried assets to life without digging? Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS® is the world’s first real-time, survey-grade underground mapping solution for ArcGIS. With Eos Locate™ , it takes just a few seconds to locate and map buried infrastructure with highly accurate coordinates and depth below cover, directly into ArcGIS. This solution drastically cuts down time and labor spent in the field remapping existing utilities, while improving the accuracy of geospatial records.
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Eos Software, Tools and Utilities

Eos software, tools and utilities allow you to monitor GNSS data from your Arrow Series® GNSS receivers in real time. They also allow you to perform advanced capabilities, such as connecting your Arrow GNSS receiver to a Windows device and partaking in advanced functionality, such as audible and visual alarms, special configurations, and more. Browse these Eos software, tools and utilities below:

Eos Tools Pro mobile GNSS monitoring app Hero Image: 1500x844

Eos Tools Pro

Eos Tools Pro is a free GNSS monitoring and NTRIP client app for iOS, Android, Windows. Eos Tools Pro is the main mobile app Eos Tools Pro is a free GNSS monitoring application for iOS, Android and Windows that is made by Eos Positioning Systems. Eos Tools Pro is compatible with Arrow Series® GNSS receivers. With Eos Tools Pro, mobile workers can monitor GNSS metadata (e.g., PDOP, RMS, differential status, satellites tracked/used) in real time. Eos Tools Pro also enables connection to RTK networks and base stations through its built-in NTRIP client. In addition, Eos Tools Pro offers advanced features, such as configurable alarms and real-time GEOID height conversions. Eos Tools Pro is also the main app used in a number of Eos solutions, including Eos Locate™ and Eos Laser Mapping™, both for ArcGIS apps. Please note Eos Tools Pro does not collect data.
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Eos Utility Arrow GNSS GPS GIS Windows desktop utility software tool screenshot

Eos Utility

Eos Utility is a configuration and monitoring tool for the Arrow Series® from Eos Positioning Systems. The tool is available for installation on Windows (desktop) and Windows Mobile devices. With Eos Utility, you can: Monitor Accuracy from a Known Location, monitor Atlas® Satellites, and convert binary data to RINEX.
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Eos Arrow USB Drivers GPS GIS GNSS

Arrow USB Drivers

Arrow USB Drivers allow your Windows computer, notebook, tablet or phone recognize Arrow GNSS receivers. With Arrow USB Drivers downloaded you can get RTK on your windows device, and you can also use this to update your Arrow firmware. Arrow USB Drivers will automatically install on your device upon connecting your device to an Arrow GNSS receiver, as long as you are also connected to an Internet signal. However, you can also download the Arrow USB Drivers here and manually install.
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Sources of Differential Corrections

Eos Arrow Series® GNSS receivers work with a variety of differential correction sources worldwide (e.g., free SBAS, free and paid RTK networks, local base stations). But in places where these differential correction sources are not available, Eos offers a paid Atlas® subscription service. With Atlas® and Arrow GNSS receivers, you can acquire 4-50 cm positioning accuracy anywhere in the world, depending on your subscription. Learn more about Atlas® and contact us today.

Atlas Subscription Eos Arrow GNSS GPS GIS Differential Corrections

Atlas® Correction Service

Atlas® is a worldwide GNSS differential correction service, offering accuracies ranging from meter level to a few centimeters. Click to learn about subscriptions, accuracies, and compatible GNSS receiver models.
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