Eos regularly sponsors and exhibits at events both regionally and internationally. We encourage you to find our team in person, talk to us about your work, and interact with our GNSS hardware. (If you miss us in person, you can always contact us online!) You can also find us participating at virtual events and hosting various webinars and workshops. Browse all of our upcoming events, of all types, below!

June 10 - 
June 12, 2024
Visit Eos in the Esri booth at ACE24 in Anaheim, CA! Ask our GNSS experts how to map your water network with survey-grade accuracy in GIS maps.
May 5 - 
May 7, 2024
Find Eos with Esri Canada at the 2024 MISA Prairies Conference in Saskatoon. Ask our veteran GNSS expert any questions about using GNSS.
April 29 - 
April 30, 2024
Find an authorized Eos representative at the 2024 GIS In Action Conference in Portland, Oregon. Our veteran GNSS experts will be on hand to answer any mobile mapping questions!
May 20 - 
May 21, 2024
Find Eos and Esri at the 2024 New York Rural Water Conference in Verona. Stop by our booth and chat about water utility maps!
May 13 - 
May 13, 2024
Join Eos at the Esri UK Annual Conference in London. Our team of international & local representatives will be available for GNSS questions.
May 5 - 
May 6, 2024
Eos and Esri are thrilled to return to the 2024 Ohio Rural Water Conference! Save your spot in our May 6 hands-on mobile mapping workshop.
April 23 - 
April 24, 2024
Eos is proud to support the South Central Arc User Group! Join us in Frisco, Texas. Here's how to find our representative.
April 6 - 
April 8, 2024
Ask an Eos representative about high-accuracy solutions for forestry professionals at the Arboriculture Australia conference in Melbourne.
April 16 - 
April 16, 2024
Join Eos at the 2024 Esri Water Meetup in San Antonio. Have some lunch on Eos while we discuss all things new in high-accuracy GPS mapping.
April 23 - 
April 24, 2023
Visit Eos at the 2024 ERGIS event (formerly Esri PUG) in Houston. Ask us about using the new, Galileo HAS for better than 20cm accuracy with the Arrow Gold+!
April 14 - 
April 17, 2024
Find an authorized Eos representative at the 2024 MidAmerica GIS Consortium (MAGIC) event in Omaha, Nebraska.
April 22 - 
April 23, 2024
Eos and Esri are back at the 2024 California Rural Water expo. Please note the exhibitor hall location has changed; find our team across the street this year.
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